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With 16GB of HBM2 VRAM, the HP Quadro GP100 Graphics Card is the first workstation board from NVIDIA to utilize the HMB2 memory interface. This HP version of the GP100 is designed to upgrade HP workstations for more powerful graphics processing¬†and is priced with HP’s Smart Buy discount. HBM2 memory dies sit atop an interposer and connect directly with the GPU die, rather than separately from it. This design facilitates a memory bus that is an order of magnitude wider than traditional GDDR memory implementations, in this case, 4096 bits for a 717 GB/s total bandwidth. Otherwise, this card offers 3584 CUDA cores providing up to 10.3 TFLOPS of single-precision computing power. For applications that require double precision and half-precision computing, such as scientific multiphysics simulations and machine learning, the GP100 can crank out 5.2 and 20.7 TFLOPS in those operations, respectively.

The output panel on this card features four DisplayPort terminals and a dual-link DVI-D port. Up to four monitors can be simultaneously supported by a single card, without any extra hardware, to create high-resolution video walls with your workstation or for more desktop real-estate to increase productivity. DisplayPort 1.4 support allows this card to drive UHD, DCI 4K, 5K, and 8K displays. The DVI port and included DisplayPort to DVI adapters can be used for connecting to legacy hardware while other separately available adapters can be used with this card to drive other kinds of displays and projectors.

For cooling, the GP100 uses a blower-style cooler. This cooler uses a radial fan to force air through the card’s heatsink and out through the rear of the case. This cooling configuration can be used in crowded workstation environments with multiple GPUs or where space between computer components can be a concern, as hot air is not recirculated back into the case.

NVIDIA’s parallel computing platform which enables an increase in computing performance by harnessing the parallel nature of GPU processing. CUDA compatible applications can assign intensive parallel computing tasks, such as real-time video rendering, to the GPU to process, freeing up the computer’s CPU to run other tasks.
GPUDirect Support
Using GPUDirect, multiple GPUs, third party network adapters, solid-state drives (SSDs) and other devices can directly read and write CUDA host and device memory, eliminating unnecessary memory copies, dramatically lowering CPU overhead, and reducing latency, resulting in significant performance improvements in data transfer times for applications.
NVLink Support
NVIDIA’s NVLink is a high-bandwidth, energy-efficient interconnect. On the GP100 NVLink enables ultra-fast communication between two GP100 GPUs using separately available NVLink bridges. The technology allows data sharing at rates several times faster than the traditional PCI-express 3.0 interconnect, resulting in dramatic speed-ups in application performance and creating a new breed of high-density, flexible servers for accelerated computing.
Quadro Sync II
By connecting up to four compatible Quadro GPUs to a separate Quadro Sync board you can perfectly synchronize the display outputs of all the connected GPUs for critical video wall and extended desktop applications utilizing multiple displays. Quadro Sync also enables NVIDIA Quadro Mosaic technology on those synchronized displays and projectors, providing an easy way to scale the resolution of any application. Quadro Sync II allows for two Quadro Sync cards to be used in the same system, enabling support for up to 32 displays with stereoscopic visuals and support for projector overlap, and WMI (Windows Instrumentation Management).
Leverage multiple displays to easily span any application across multiple displays or projectors from a single workstation, without sacrificing performance or power. Combined with NVIDIA’s nView desktop management software you also get bezel correction and projector overlap for seamless multi-display exhibition.
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GPU ModelNVIDIA Quadro GP100
Stream Processors3584 CUDA Cores
Floating Point PerformanceHalf Precision Performance: 20.6 TFLOPS
Single Precision Performance: 10.3 TFLOPS
Double Precision Performance: 5.2 TFLOPS
InterfacePCI Express 3.0 x16
Supported APIsShader Model: 5.1
OpenGL: 4.5
DirectX: 12
Vulkan: 1
OS CompatibilityLinux
*As of May, 2021: Check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date compatibility
Memory Configuration16 GB
Memory InterfaceHBM2
Memory Interface Width4096-Bit
Memory Bandwidth717 GB/s
Display Support
Display I/O4 x DisplayPort 1.4
1 x DVI-D DL
Maximum Digital Resolution5120 x 2880 @ 30 Hz
Power Requirements
Max Power Consumption235 W
PCI Power Connectors1 x 8-Pin
Expansion Slot CompatibilityFull Height
Length10.5″ / 267.00¬†mm

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